Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toy Mat

This is a Pinterest find courtesy of Freshly Pieced.  I simplified it and made it a little smaller, but the idea is brilliant.  It is perfect for toys that have a million pieces or that just need easier access for immediate playtime.  My youngest is newly obsessed with tea parties and play food, and my oldest likes to set up elaborate tea parties that eat up all the play time.  I saw this as the perfect solution.  And it's very inexpensive - price of two yards of fabric + cord from Hobby Lobby (about $2.99 - and it's way more than you need) + grommets and punch.
My mat turned out about 35 inches.
 I braided the cord so that it would be more durable and not get tangled. 
I love this fabric!
You can see how thrilled my youngest is.

Storage is a snap!  I could use a bunch of these.

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