Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby Scarlett

I don't usually go in for a lot of digtal manipulation.  However, when it's necessary for the image, I'm all for it. 

This is really just me playing around with these images.  I had the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful little girl and these are some of my favorites that came of it.  I can't decide which I like better - pink or purple.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Easter Dress

The Easter Dress was always a big deal as I remember it. I got to look through the pattern books at the fabric store and pick something for my Mom to make. I'm sure some years I made it harder than others. Since I still have the final say-so, I got to pick the pattern, but I asked for input on the fabric. Of course, having the wonderful taste/expensive taste that her mother has, Audrey picked fabric that was about $12 dollars a yard. I would have steered her in another direction if I didn't have a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. So, I agreed and we made our purchase. I tried to involve more input on the rest of the details, too, but in the end I just went with what I wanted. I'm sure I won't get to much longer. I purchased the pattern back in October at the Quilt Festival and I've been waiting to use it. The dress is the same with the added details of the flower (removable for washing). I love how it turned out, though I don't do her hair like this when we go out. I realized just how big that flower is and how small her head looks with it, so it gets tucked into a low pony tail now. Happy Easter!

Beachy Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always so fun to plan and do all the details for, at least in my opinion. What better way to have a beachy themed birthday than to start with these happy hula folding invites? I can't take credit for them as a whole. This is just how mine turned out. I knew what I wanted to do, but didn't think I could afford them already made so I took some inspiration from the Internet and Martha Stewart Living April 2010 edition.

Step 1: Print out template here and cut it out.
Step 2: Trace on whatever paper you would like. This will be the outside of your envelope.
Step 3: Using a light table or window, trace 1/4" inside the outside edge of envelope template. This will be
the template for the patterned paper inside.
Step 4: Fold all the envelopes and inside papers according to template directions.
Step 5: Cut 12" string. Embroidery thread works well and comes in lots of colors.
Step 6: Assemble. Line up the folds of an inside paper and an outer paper in a folded position. Do not try to glue flat because the paper will not fold when the glue dries. Glue center and 3 flaps down. Insert string between the inner and outer paper on the overlapping flap and glue.
Step 7: Punch two decorative brads through from the outside of the envelope. One on the overlapping flap and one on the opposite flap. Wrap thread between these brads to secure the envelope shut.

Mine had one additional step which were the details for an invitation. I used just a square that would fit in the center and glued it down as well. I think they turned out great and had compliments. I'm going to have to find another reason to use these again.