Saturday, February 20, 2010

Digital Collages: Baby A*

One of my favorite things to do when you can't choose just one picture - choose several and make a collage. It can be rather simple with PSE8, especially with the templates they provide. I didn't use a template on these. They were custom for a friend of mine. It's just so fun to play with photos!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Gifts

I ordered the dress pattern to fit the doll I made. I figured, why make things harder than I have to? So, it's not my original design. But I love how easy it was and how it turned out! And with some left over fabric I made Audrey a matching shirt. I absolutely adore this fabric. I seem to have a thing for this style of fabric and I usually like the fabrics done by this same designer, Heidi Grace (available at Joann's). I think it's cute that they match. Audrey hasn't shown much interest. My version has shoes, which is my original design and the bows in her hair were not in the original pattern. All in all a lovely way to celebrate a holiday devoted to love. At least she'll be able to look back and remember that I made her a doll for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentine's Decor

Easy home-made Valentine's Day decor!
Who doesn't love to be loved? I have few decorations for this holiday, and I felt no desire to rifle through boxes to locate them. So, I spent a pleasant afternoon making "candy hearts" with Audrey. I traced, cut out and wrote little somethings on them, and Audrey colored them front and back. Then we put tape on the back and put them all around the house. There is no door in my house that isn't covered with hearts. It is a great kid-friendly way to decorate and to make them feel a part of it. Also, it adapts easily for any holiday.

Getting around to it

I bought the pattern for these dolls a while ago on etsy. I think they are so cute! Well, the pattern has been nagging me to do something with it and I finally did. I bought more fabric than I needed, though, so I decided to make a second one and post it on my shop. I love how they turned out! The one with darker hair is going to be Audrey's Valentine's gift this year. She's not much of a doll kid, but she usually likes things that I make for her. I also ordered a pattern for a dress for the doll. It's so nice when I can spend more time on the project and less time on making it up for a change.

I love that she's a pirate!
That was actually in the pattern, I swear.