Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Becoming 'Belle'

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders... the Halloween costume is finished!  I am so happy with how it turned out!  It was not the easiest time I've had, seeing as my girl is so skinny I had to do quite a bit of tailoring.  It was my first time using a McCalls pattern and it was a little more complicated than Simplicity patterns.  The only problem was the sleeve.  I couldn't figure it out, so I scrapped it and made my own.  The pattern didn't have the second row of ruffles or the shawl around the top, but I've seen a lot Belle lately (we got the movie) and I thought it made it look more like the 'real' dress.

I made Audrey try it on and be my mannequin while I did the ruffling and pinned the hem.  It was a lot for a three-year-old to do.  But the pay off came when I had been finished for about ten minutes.  She had this gleam in her eye as she studied it (ala Project Runway) and said "It just needs one more thing."  Then she proceeded to pick out necklaces and bracelets to go with it for the next 20 minutes.  It made all the hard work worth it!

Bonus:  I got to use my new serger!  It's really fast and it scares me a little.

Getting Around To Things

With a baby coming before next year (probably) I have a desire to finish up old projects.  Only one of these fits into the that category.  But I am trying to complete my things to do list, since I will probably be otherwise occupied at the begininng of next year. 

Clutter busting.  Cute clips have been accumulating for some time now and I'm trying desperately trying to contain it.  The good news is it's a super easy project and very inexpensive.  All you need is a shape for the top, a picture hanger (the kind with the teeth), a grosgrain ribbon, and a glue gun.  I got the butterfly at Hobby Lobby already painted ($0.67) and the whole thing was done in about five minutes.  Cross another one off my list!
These have been a year in the making.  Well, sort of.  I saw something like this on my friend Ashley's blog last year and I started saving jars right away. (Ashley got it from these two blog entries - here and here.)   Of course I can't just do it like everybody else.  I had to make adjustments.  I am very happy with how they turned out.  Who would have guessed that I would like Modge Podge?  Halloween decor: check.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gifts For Little Ones

It's been a long time since I've posted any projects.  There is a lot of updating to do.  It's project season around here with Halloween costumes, baby gifts (so many pregnant friends!), fall/Christmas dresses for Audrey, and a few things for myself in the works.  Plus I just got my serger today, so projects are bound to flow!

These are just a few of the gifts I've delivered.
My cousin Amanda had her first baby.  (Yeah!)  Hooded towels just say cozy baby to me, and of course a little elephant.
And it's just so fun to make things for babies.  I think I like them because they usually take less time.
Theses were so fun to make because they were going to such cute kids!  Two large elephants for the older siblings and one little one for the the youngest who turned one this summer.  I did have to figure out a way to send them.  But I'm glad they got them and hope they are still having fun with them.  More to come when I get a break between projects.