Friday, April 2, 2010

Side Tracked

While house-sitting I had to change my spare time focus.
No sewing machine.
Much less house work to keep up on.
But I had my laptop... so I went digital.

I was originally creating a family scrapbook on and not finding what I was looking for in the digital world. I started looking into free papers and was surprised how much was out there, it just wasn't my style. So, I invented my own - digital scrapbook paper that is. Well, my intended use is for the covers of my series of family scrapbooks, but if you want to use them, feel free. I did the same paper in a variety of colors.
I'm willing to share!
Free digital scrapbook paper
For this paper, other colors or swatches-
Comment here or email me and I'll attach it to an email for your personal use.