Monday, April 25, 2011

The Girls' Room

Audrey got some fun paper dolls to decorate for her birthday.  She worked really hard on them and has been very proud of them.  They were taking up a little too much space on the top of the dresser, so I told her we'd display them.  When we got around to putting up these shelves for the girls, (that we've had since November)  it was a perfect place to put the dolls.  And I can change the decor if we get tired of it or she can play with them. 
Karin's side was finally finished today, too.  I just got around to painting the K bright pink.  I've had that K since before Audrey was born.  I bought the K and A at the same time because we had two names picked out for girls.  I knew we would use both of them.  Now we've used them up.  The pictures are things that are important to me or things I want my girls to grow up seeing - a picture of Christ, You Are My Sunshine print from here, a print of my favorite Georgia O'Keeffe painting and a frame to be filled later.  I like the shelf for the non-committal format.  We can change anything at any time.  It's a good thing to have in a child's room.  Their interests change so often.  The shelf is from ikea.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Granny Smith Set

I've been feeling a little bad about the fact that Karin just doesn't have as many gifts made by me.  I know she doesn't know any better now, but when she gets older and looks back, I don't want her to feel bad. 

When I saw this little outfit on sale I scooped it up, but decided it was a little plain.  So, I added the apples and whipped up a matching burp cloth.  I love Karin in yellow!  It works well with her skin tone and she can always use another burp cloth. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Party Creations

This year Audrey decided on a Pirate Girl theme for her birthday party.  It makes sense if you know the song - They Might Be Giants Here Come the One, Two Threes "Pirate Girls Nine".  We sing it in the car all the time and it's one of our favorites.  As soon as she said it I knew just how to do a cake for her.  I had had done one several years ago for Matt's birthday.  (Yes, we like Pirates that much at our house.)

Then I got really creative.  These are just a few things I did for the party.  I loved how things turned out and the kids told me they had fun.  That's high praise.  Lucky for me it was fairly low key - cake, ice cream, and one game at the park.  The kids took care of the rest of the fun.  I think I'm going to make this a tradition.

 What Pirate Girl would be complete without an eye patch?
 The clues for the scavenger hunt, written in Pirate, of course.  It was a photo scavenger hunt since most the kids couldn't read.  I read them the clues they found, but the picture gave them a better idea of what they were looking for.
 The treasure chest for the end of the scavenger hunt.  I found this idea online and it was one of the simplist and best ideas.  It took me 3 minutes and if the kids tear it up, big deal.  The treasure inside were jeweled ring pops to continue with our theme.  Oh, and the kids shreaded it to get to the candy.

 The base for the cake.  I think some who saw it still aren't sure just how I did it, so now you know.
 The cake was a simple 9x13 chocolate cake with chocolate frosting covered with gold and jewels.
 An upclose look at those delicious jewels.  Yes, those are jewel shaped Gushers in there, too.   I thought it was a little weird addition, but the kids loved them.  And if you ever need kids to do something, chocolate coins are a HUGE hit!
 The final product.
I had to stick my hand in there to show you it's a functioning lid to the chest.  Just don't let it flop back, you'll smudge the frosting.
 This is the only project I didn't get to finish in time for the party.  It would have looked so cute strung up between the posts on the pavillion at the park.  (Too bad we didn't get to use the pavillion either.  We were the 3rd birthday party at the park that night.)
A close up of the fabric.  It matches the pillowcase I made for the birthdays at our house (probably excluding the one boy, since it's pink).  I loved how it turned out, I just have to wait another 8 months before we can use it. 

The best part of this birthday is that I managed to pull it off for under $100.  Hooray for homemade!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Grown-ups are sometimes hard to shop for and can be even harder to make something for.  So, when I found this pattern online, I snatched it up.  But the site I bought it from never sent me the pattern, so I made my own.  This is 100% my design.  And if the recipient likes them, they are totally reusable.  I love how they turned out and how economical they are.  (I won't give that away since they were gifts.)  I love it when things turn out.  Now I need one.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Tradition

I'm starting a new tradition in my house.  I made a pillowcase for the girls to use on their birthday.  It's a silly little thing to make them feel special on their special day.  Some families have a special plate, we have a pillowcase.  I wonder if something like this would sell on etsy? 
I'm planning on making a matching reusable birthday banner, too, but we'll see what comes of this week.