Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gifts For Babies

I haven't been posting lately, but I've been doing projects. I've been documenting as I go on camera and am just now getting around to posting here.
This was a set of blocks for twin boys due soon.
These are the tiniest sets of blocks I've ever made.
Only because I made two.
Two separate sets that coordinate.
Perfect for two boys who will spend their lives sharing everything.
These sets have the ususal textures I use:
*cotton print (visual)
*terry cloth (absorbant)
*minkee (super soft)
*and the added bonus of crinkle sound.
I've added another interior layer of plastic cut to size.
It is a bit difficult to sew, so be warned.
If it works, though it's an adorable addition.
**Thanks Kerry for the great idea!

More baby stuff:
Another friend is having a baby and it's just too fun to make little girl stuff.
I had a hard time stopping.
I wasn't going to make clothes, but I heard what everyone else was doing and it just sounded like too much fun.
I decided to join in.*The kimono is cotton with a cotton lining. I had a pattern, but decided to double my steps by linging it and then complicate things by making my own bias tape. (Ironically I forgot to cut it on the bias. Oops! It still worked.) I had a pattern because that's the only way I know how to make clothes. But I'm very happy with the results. I almost couldn't give it away. Hopefully it will find a wonderful home being used 1)in the hospital for easy changes, added warmth and no belly button restriction 2) at home as a light robe or 3) a cover up for sunny days at the pool.
It said newborn size on the pattern. Hope it fits! (Summer versions may be coming to my etsy shop. I have to try a few out first.)
*Why stop at one thing when you have so much extra fabric? I couldn't. I had to make matching shoes. These are done in the same fabrics as the kimono with a fleece lining. I had a pattern for that too, but when I made the newborn size, my almost 3 year old was able to put them on. (See why I'm worried about the size of the kimono?) So, I worked some magic and created my own pattern in a much smaller size. I just hope they fit, too!
*A baby toy takes up more fabric. Something for a littl older than newborn. And in the same fabric, so you can remember the tiny little kimono in the hospital and how small she used to be. In case you are wondering, it is a lady bug. (Soon to be seen in my etsy shop!) Grosgrain tags for the legs and minkee for the tummy. This model is the first with a bell inside for a little added interest.
*Finally, the largest set of blocks I've ever made! You can see why. Again, the same fabrics from the kimono, with another coordinate, tags to chew on, crinkle side (Thanks again Kerry!), terry cloth and Minkee. A very absorbant toy for drooling and teething mouths. Washable, though I'd not suggest the dryer because of the crinkle addition. I haven't tested that out yet.
So, that was a good two weeks worth of work. On to more projects. :)